News 25.4.2017

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Delivery of the
harbour ferry

Pella Sietas delivered a newbuilding no. 1314 to HADAG

The new harbour ferry built by Pella Sietas (type 190) was taken into operation by the Hamburg transport company HADAG under the name MV “Elbphilharmonie”. On its detour in order to pass the name giving famous concert hall “Elbphilharmonie”, the ferry arrived at the HADAG’s pier near the Hamburg fish market.
Together with the CEO of HADAG, Mrs. Gabriele Müller-Remer, and the Director of Pella Sietas, Mrs. Natallia Dean, the Hamburg Senator for Economy, Transport and Innovation, Mr. Frank Horch, also participated in the journey.
The form of the new ferry, which is known as HADAG type 2020, continues the tradition of the so called “flat- iron” design. At the same time this ferry is bigger and can accommodate more passengers. The environmental efficiency was considerably improved due to the innovative diesel-electric drive with two propellers and efficient rudders and the new optimized hull form.
The new ship appeared after 10 months of planning, design and construction. The ferry is almost 30 meters long and 8.40 meters wide and offers space for 400 passengers, with 154 seats on the passenger deck and 88 additional seats on the upper deck. Additionally, there is a kiosk and places for numerous bicycles.