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Fresh water generator delivered to Wärtsilä

For the Wärtsilä Serck Como GmbH a fresh water generator type MSF was produced and delivered for further installation on a cruise liner
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Third and so far the heaviest block for Meyer Werft loaded

The third block for the Meyer Werft was loaded to be transported to Papenburg during the evening high tide. Two stabilizers were installed inside. This block is currently the heaviest so far delivered building unit weighs approx. 1,100 tons and demonstrates our growing expertise in dealing with heavy constructions

Second block for LNG cruise ship delivered to the Meyer Werft

In parallel with the first block, the second block was also manufactured. It contains parts of the machine room. It was loaded on a pontoon in the early morning hours

First block for LNG cruise ship loaded

The first block for a LNG cruise ship was loaded from the quay on a pontoon to be shipped to the customer Meyer Werft

Christening of the „Elbphilharmonie“

The new harbor ferry delivered in April to HADAG was christened by the clarinetist Laura Jaeger and received the name “Elbphilharmonie”. On the following tour through the port of Hamburg the event was celebrated on board with guest invited by the new owner.

Harbour Ferry MV „Elbphilharmonie“ delivered to HADAG

The prototype of the new HADAG type 2020 was delivered after 10 months of planning and construction
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WISTA meeting at Pella Sietas Shipyard

The maritime network “Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association Germany (WISTA)” meets at the Pella Sietas Shipyard.
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Sixth and the last block of the first order for the Meyer shipyard is ready for dispatch

The last of the total of six blocks is loaded to be delivered to the Meyer Shipyard. Production of further new Meyer-blocks has already commenced

engineers with a naval architecture background wanted

We are looking for talented engineers with a naval architecture background. For more details see the German version of this website.

German WSV orders dredger at Pella Sietas

The german administration “Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes (WSV)” orders a new trailing suction hopper dredger at Pella Sietas Shipyard.
Delivery is planed for December 2018.

Fifth Block delivered to the Meyer Shipyard

Loading of the fifth block for the Meyer Shipyard was carried out without any problems in fine autumn weather.

New construction of HADAG port Ferry

At the beginning of 2017 Pella Sietas will deliver a new port ferry to HADAG. The construction has already been completed and production has begun. Based on the existing design, a lot of new technology is used to become more climate friendly and energy saving.

Exhibition on SMM 2016

Once again Pella Sietas presented her competence and performance at her exhibition stand at the international maritime fair SMM in Hamburg. All company’s achievements, additional to new shipbuilding, were successfully presented.
There have been many talks, which will surely result in future contracts. We would like to thank all our guests for the interest and look forward to the common future.

Natallia Dean gets “Personality of the Year” award by WISTA Germany

Natallia Dean, Director at Pella Sietas GmbH, received this year’s WISTA Germany “Personality of the Year” (PotY) award. “Our aim with this award is to highlight female personalities who have an exemplary function in career and commitment in the maritime industries,” explained Dagmar Klenk, President of WISTA Germany.
Laudator Dr. Reinhard Lüken (MD of VSM German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association): “As director of Pella Sietas she took over a very challenging task at very tough times. She is encouraging and motivating and always optimistic.”

New building of Pontoon for Martinianleger completed

The pontoon for extension of the Martinianleger in Bremen was finished und delivered to Aug. Prien

MV Queen B (ex. MV Dinah Borchard) leaves Pella Sietas

After installation of TTS-NMF deck cranes and extensive repair works the MV Dinah Borchard renamed in MV Queen B leaves the shipyard

MV “Dinah Borchard“ arrived at Pella Sietas for crane mounting

05th of June Dinah Borchard arrived for repair works after collision and for installation of the new deck cranes made by TTS-NMF.

Loading of fourth block for the Meyer shipyard

The fourth block was also completed on time and shipped for transport to the Meyer shipyard. With almost 800 t weight it was again a “force act”, which was carried out smoothly.

MV „Altenwerder“ delivered to HADAG

After extensive rebuilding and renovation measures the MV “Altenwerder” left Pella Sietas in time for the 827th Harbour Birthday

The fourth Scrubber conversion got ready in time

MV “Sandnes” could be re-delivered to HJH Shipmanagement within fixed time schedule

MV “Sandnes” arrived for Scrubber installation

The fourth vessel from HJH Shipmanagement arrived at Pella Sietas for Scrubber conversion

Third cruise vessel block delivered

Just in time and smoothly one more block for Meyer-Werft was forwarded

‘Sea Watch 2’ at Pella Sietas Shipyard

Aid organization SEA WATCH is rebuilding the former fish trawler ‘Clupea’ to ‘Sea Watch 2’ at Pella Sietas

MV“Bulknes“, third scrubber conversion, successfully delivered by Pella Sietas to HJH Shipmanagement

The alteration time took 36 hour less than planned upon

MV “Bulknes“ as third scrubber conversion arrived at Pella Sietas


Second cruise vessel block successfully delivered to Meyer Yard during the night.

Pella Sietas gets used to handle very big parts in an unique way.

MV “Beltnes” leaves shipyard with scrubber

In time after two weeks the MV Beltnes leaves the shipyard with scrubber installed

HADAG Ferry MV “Altenwerder” arrived for overhaul and modification

In the morning fog the MV Altenwerder entered the shipyard harbour and was then lifted with the spezial rack from the water

Second HJH Ship MV “Beltnes” arrived

Second Ship stays next two weeks for scrubber installation at Pella Sietas Shipyard

Delivery of Dolphins for JWP finished

Forth and last part successful delivered

First Scrubber installation finished

Just in time after two week the MV Fitnes leaves the shipyard after scrubber installation.

MV “Fitnes” arrived for scrubber installation

First of four ships now at our shipyard for two weeks

Delivery of Dolphins for North Sea port has begun

The first dolphins are on the way for installation

Ferry Type 185 NB1297 delivered

Kasko delivered for completion to greek owner

First ship block successfully delivered to Meyer Werft

As demonstration of the ability to handle 800t parts, the first of three ship blocks was successfully and in time delivered to Meyer Werft.

Pella Sietas GmbH got DIN EN 1090 certification

European standard that regulate the fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminium structures

Pella Sietas GmbH now ISO 9001 certified

Verified by Bureau Veritas

HJH Shipmanagement orders Scrubber for 3 ships

All ships Sietas type 177 will get scrubber

HADAG harbour ferry „Waltershof” after repair works done


Lifting the HADAG harbour ferry „Waltershof” out of water for repair works


Pella Sietas GmbH exhibition

Pella Sietas GmbH exhibited successfully for the first time with a two storey booth on the international maritime fair SMM in Hamburg where the three new ship types were presented to an expert audience.
We had a great time. Our booth was always crowded from the first to the last day.
Thanks to all our guests – both clients and those we met for the first time, for your interest in our headquarter, company and products.

Delivery of mitering gate of Este barrage subcontracted for HPA


Restarting of production and execution of steelwork contracts


Engineering started construction of new ship types.

  • Tug boat,
  • Ice breaker,
  • Safety vessel.

Continuous growth of highly qualified staff

  • Target for 2015: 200 pers.
  • Target for 2016: 220 pers.
  • Target for 2017: 250 pers.

Purchase of Sietas shipyard by Open JSC Pella shipyard came into effect

The agreement on the purchase of Sietas shipyard by Open JSC “Pella” shipyard from Otradnoye near St. Petersburg came into effect.
The formerly known Sietas shipyard is now called Pella Sietas GmbH.