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SLS Baplie Viewer

The new SOLAS regulations require the use of VGM weights (verified gross mass), which is now also included in the newest Baplie file format. To handle, identify and report these weights, we developed a new, stand-alone program, the so-called SLS Baplie Viewer. This software allows inspecting any Baplie file in more detail. It provides the following features:

  • List view of all containers with powerful sorting and filtering
  • Immediate statistics of the current compilation of container sizes
  • Detailed inspection of each container
  • Printing of detailed reports
  • Export function of the table data
  • Convenient 3D view of the cargo by connection to the SLS data set

Currently, the software is customized for existing Sietas vessels, since the container stowage position is required for the 3D view.
Please contact us and we can provide you with an individual solution and customized offer for your demands.


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