Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Type 180a


Dredging at sea is a big challenge for man and machine. In cooperation with our experienced partners we have succeeded in offering a dredger which meets the most demanding requirements of our customers.

A high degree of automation and the use of first-rate components mean we can ensure easy operation as well as low maintenance intervals. The flexible diesel-electric concept ensures efficient energy management.

Whether dredging, scavenging or moving: the diesel-electric concept distributes power to where it is needed.
Using diesel as fuel instead of heavy oil ensures environmentally friendly operation as well as allowing operation near the coast.

Technical information

  • LENGTH 118,47 m
  • WIDTH 21 m
  • DRAUGHT (max) 6,8 / 5.7 m
  • TOTAL POWER 4x 1630 kW
  • SPEED 13 kn
  • DREDGE DEPTH 22 / 30 m
  • TONS DEADWEIGHT 9800/6100 tdw


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